Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Industry Research Report Shows That NVCN Is A Strong Buyout Target

Last week's report showing that the lawsuit against Neovasc Inc. (NVCN) has a good chance of being thrown out thanks to lack of jurisdiction also led to the conclusion that NVCN has become an excellent buyout target. Despite the fact that NVCN trades below its net cash value, some people question the validity of this assumption. Technavio research has released its report on the Top Four Vendors in the Global Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement Market for 2016-2020, providing solid evidence that NVCN will be one of a few players in this growing field. A buyout of NVCN by another one of the bigger players like Edwards Lifesciences (EW) or Abbott Laboratories (ABT) would result in a dominant market position by the prospective purchaser. Or perhaps NVCN will be purchased by an outside group.

The previous report on NVCN came to the conclusion that EW would be the prime acquirer since the judge presiding over the lawsuit by CardiAQ against NVCN has ruled that it doesn't have jurisdiction in Massachusetts after the settlement was first announced. However, this report shows that NVCN could have several interested parties as it is in the top 4 of providers of the medical device and out of all the players, "Abbott Laboratories, Edwards Lifesciences, and Neovasc are the only providers of transcatheter mitral valve implants in the US".

More excerpts  from the Technavio's abstract:

When reading this report, and the expected 22% CAGR for the global transcatheter mitral valve replacement market through 2020, one can understand why NVCN would make an excellent buyout target for interested parties, especially while it trades below its net cash balance. 


  1. Go back and study the lawsuit. You don't yet get it. Unfair bus practices affected by 93a ruling limiting jurisdiction. Doesn't affect the 70M jury award or patent rights. Hearing on 8/15 decides those.

    1. Perfect PR at work ,whoever wrote this ,but suck at research