Wednesday, 14 February 2018

WEED: Up On Record Financial Results And A Top Microcap Pick

Last week in "Buy WEED When There Is Blood On The Streets" we disclosed that we went long on Canopy Growth Corporation (TWMJF) (WEED.TO). When it popped over $30 it hit our target, but we quickly reloaded on the dip from there as disclosed in "Going For A Second Round On WEED" last Wednesday. The stock in Canada finished strong that Friday with a price of $28.17 at close. Despite a dip so far this week, we believe Canopy will do very well in the near-term with a $35 target and are more convinced of this than ever after excellent financial results. If you like our picks make sure to follow our blog by clicking the follow button on the top of the left hand panel. We are up to 458 followers despite not giving out a lot of alerts, a fact that we think is indicative of a diligent and prudent stock picking history. If you would like to share this blog, make sure to use the URL "" as certain spam filters on social media don't let you post addresses.

Canopy reported third quarter financial results this morning. The numbers are excellent, with the most revenue ever reported for a cannabis company in Canada, record revenue in Germany, average selling price increased and average cost down. There is a clear sign that Canopy is growing into its economies of scale.  Registered patients increased 10% from the previous quarter while kilograms sold increased by 15%:

The end result was an EPS of $0.01 for the quarter, reversing the slight loss in EPS seen for the first six months of the fiscal year and beating analyst expectations of a loss of $0.05. The stock reacted positively to the news, up 1.6% on the day, but was met with some resistance at the 50-day MA as it was up about 5% in the morning. We still see this as a great level to buy as the chart is tightly hugging the 50-day MA but looks like it is pointing up. For those who want to wait, look for a clear breakout of the 50-day MA which we think will happen any day now, then WEED is set up very well for another multi-dollar run and possible short squeeze.

Once WEED gets into the low $30's, we recommend traders take small amounts of profits just to be safe, but the stock looks like it will head at least to $35 in the short term. After the stock dipped below its 50-day MA, it suckered in a lot of shorts just in time for two long white candles and a mini-squeeze last Wednesday. This activity falls in line with our "bear bubble" comment made in the article from over a week ago. The stock violently moved up on a short squeeze as the bear bubble burst as quickly as it moved down from over $40 as the bull bubble burst.

Top Microcap pick: Fintech Select (SLXXF) (FTEC.V)

Fintech Select is creating a network of thousands of cryptocurrency point of sales locations across Canada. Several of them are up and running already which can be seen at The company is paying off old debts, including a big one announced on Monday at a discount and increasing revenue in its existing fintech businesses as well as trying to get into this new business. For all the good stuff that it is doing, it is trading at a very cheap market cap of only $15 million Canadian. SLXXF isn't very liquid but FTEC trades frequently in Canada.

FTEC had a full retracement of its stock price from $0.60 all the way down to $0.18, but has bounced back strong, led by the large white candle on February 6th that looks like it signifies a bottom. You can take a bit of profits on the way up, but we think that this stock returns to $0.60 in Canada reasonably soon.

Disclosure: We are long stocks listed in this report.

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