Thursday, 15 February 2018

FOSL: Short Squeeze Alert to $20+

We are issuing an alert on Fossil Group, Inc. (FOSL), which we think is a strong candidate to move to $20 or more on a short squeeze. The company released Q4 financials which beat expectations. We have entered in the trade Thursday on a pullback during lunch hour, expecting it to rise in the afternoon and Friday, hurting shorts and put option holders. Since we are trying to get this alert out quickly, the analysis will be short. Review this article "Fossil: Defied The Odds To Dazzle Patient Investors" for good fundamental analysis on this stock.

The short interest is very high, 75% of the float. A lot of shorts must have covered yesterday as the stock moved up 88%, but we think a second round is coming based on the strong financial improvement and second wave of shorts having to cover. We think the 52-week high of over $20 could be challenged very soon.

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Disclosure: We are long stocks listed in this report.

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