Sunday, 7 January 2018

A Cannabis and Blockchain Story IV: The Rise Of Canadian Weed And Blockchain Stocks

For those who have followed our picks recently, we have had some very good success picking stocks trading in Canada that are in the Cannabis realm. In July we picked Isodiol International (LAGBF) (ISOL.CN) in our articles Isodiol: 10x Undervalued Cannabis Stock Inks Deals With Canopy and Isodiol: A Profitable Cannabis Company. ISOL has moved up nearly ten times since then, hitting a high of $2.14 in Canada from $0.23 before a pull back. In November we picked Global Cannabis Applications, or GCAC, (FUAPF) (APP.CN) in our article A Cannabis and Blockchain Story. GCAC has moved up more than seven times since then with the U.S. symbol closing at $0.66 last week, compared to $0.09 in early November when we called it. With such success in weed, we think that blockchain stocks in Canada will be the next ones to do really well. 

We own a substantial amount in GCAC and expect it go up more. The company will be on Fox Business news program New to the Street in a couple of weeks which should add more exposure. But we wish to talk about a few other stocks in this piece, ones that are related to the move in GCAC.

In our last feature, A Cannabis and Blockchain Story III: Part of a Larger Weed Tech Empire, we discovered the link to a famous Canadian investor, Sheldon Inwentash:

"GCAC announced that it has partnered with a leading Israeli pharmaceutical company to provide medical cannabis data to blockchain. That company is called SciCann Therapeutics and its CEO Dr. Zohar Koren was a co-founder of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals (CNBX). What we found interesting is that a firm called ThreeD Capital (BWSOF) (IDK.CN) has made a private equity investment in SciCann Therapeutics with a fair value of $100,000. ThreeD Capital recently invested in GCAC as well through private placements, and is up substantially on that investment so far. ThreeD Capital is only a small firm with a market cap of around $10 million, but it's led by Sheldon Inwentash, a famous Canadian multi-millionaire investor who specializes in small cap ventures. Clearly he is the one behind this relationship between GCAC and SciCann. It looks like he is trying to build a weed tech empire."

ThreeD Capital (BWSOF) (IDK.CN) is Inwentash's merchant bank that is interested in blockchain investments. Look at the company's news releases to see some interesting connections. The investment in GCAC is mentioned there along with several others. IDK.CN went up 40% on over 13 million shares traded in Canada on Friday.

St-Georges Eco-Mining (SXOOF) (SX.CN) has a connection to IDK. Frank Dumas, CEO of the company, has been added to ThreeD's Advisory Board. SX.CN went up 74% on over 9 million shares traded in Canada on Friday. The company signed an agreement with a leading blockchain expert in China.

Fintech Select (Selectcore) (SLXXF) (FTEC.V) added Sheldon Inwentash to its Advisory Board several months ago. That one did not move too much, up 9% on less than 1 million shares traded in Canada on Friday. It is creating a network of thousands of cryptocurrency point of sales locations across Canada. Several of them are up and running already which can be seen at This may be a very good choice for the near term since it has pulled back from 52-week highs and part of the business is already active for people to try out.

There is a connection to Inwentash and all of these stocks, and we think they will rise substantially as the money pours into them and businesses successfully develop. There has been a lot of people who made a lot of money on the weed side of the Canadian stock market. A sector shift to blockchain could occur next. Inwentash is a well-known name in Canada and the success of GCAC over the past two months should boost his reputation. That should have a positive impact on his merchant bank IDK and his related projects SX and FTEC.

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Disclosure: We are long stocks listed in this report.

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