Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Technavio Announces Top Four Vendors in the Global Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement Market 2016-2020

LONDON--()--Technavio has announced the top four leading vendors in their recent global transcatheter mitral valve replacement market 2016-2020 report. This research report also lists five other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.
Competitive vendor landscape
The global transcatheter mitral valve replacement market is consolidated, with the presence of a few companies that offer products worldwide. Abbott Laboratories, Edwards Lifesciences, and Neovasc are the only providers of transcatheter mitral valve implants in the US. In Europe, these vendors along with other companies such as MitrAssist and Valtech offer transcatheter mitral valves and compete to gain market shares. “The regulatory approval process in the US is more stringent compared to Europe. This makes it difficult for vendors to gain regulatory approval and launch their products in the US as compared to Europe,” says Barath Palada, a lead analyst at Technavio for cardiovascular devices research.
The successful launch and acceptance of transcatheter aortic valve implants worldwide have led many vendors to diversify their portfolio by developing transcatheter mitral valve implants. Boston Scientific and Medtronic are venturing into this market through acquisition deals with other small companies. Some vendors are also collaborating with other prominent vendors such as MitrAssist and NaviGate Cardiac Structures to develop transcatheter mitral valve implants. Vendors are also investing in R&D to develop advanced devices, some of which are under clinical trials.
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Key vendors:
Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Laboratories manufactures and sells a wide range of healthcare products directly to wholesalers, retailers, government agencies, and healthcare facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, and physicians’ offices worldwide.
Abbott Laboratories manufactures and markets MitraClip percutaneous mitral valve repair system in the US and worldwide. The company announced its agreement to acquire Tendyne Holdings, a US-based medical device company that develops minimally invasive transcatheter mitral valves. This acquisition will allow Abbott Laboratories to expanding its portfolio of transcatheter mitral valves.
Edwards Lifesciences
The company collaborates with physicians to produce innovative medical technology solutions, such as heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring devices, to help improve the quality of life. Its technologies serve a large patient population in the areas of advanced monitoring of acute and structural heart diseases.
Edwards Lifesciences engages in the R&D and marketing of transcatheter mitral valve replacement systems such as SAPIEN XT valve and FORTIS transcatheter mitral valve (clinical trials underway). Physicians use catheter-based approaches to implant SAPIEN XT valve for treating people with heart valve disease at risk for open-heart aortic and mitral valve replacement surgeries.
Micro Interventional Devices
The company designs, manufactures, and markets medical devices for heart repair, including Permaseal transapical access device and Endovalve transcatheter mitral valve replacement device.
The company offers Endovalve, an innovative transcatheter mitral valve replacement device for the repair and replacement of mitral valves. The device, developed using the company's patented technology with percutaneous application, is available in the US and Europe for preclinical use only. The device provides comparable outcomes to current surgical standard-of-care for valve replacement with reduced recovery duration and complications.
The company engages in the R&D and marketing of cardiovascular medical devices. Neovasc offers transcatheter mitral valve replacement devices. Through its subsidiary Neovasc Tiara, the company offers Tiara transcatheter device for the treatment of mitral valve disease. The device is based on the company's patented Neovasc Tiara technology. The structure of the device helps it preserve left ventricle function and avoid left ventricle outflow tract obstruction.
The device is available in different sizes of 35 mm and 40 mm. The 45 mm-sized mitral valve is under preclinical study. The company conducted a multinational, multicenter early feasibility study for its product Tiara-I in the US, Canada, and EU countries.
Other prominent vendors:
The company develops and markets a wide range of heart valve implants including transcatheter mitral valve replacement devices for mitral regurgitation.
NaviGate Cardiac Structures
The company develops early-stage transcatheter solutions for treating atrioventricular valve regurgitation.
Valtech offers a wide range of devices for the minimally invasive treatment of chronic mitral regurgitation.
Boston Scientific
In 2015, the company acquired MValve Technologies, an Israel-based medical device company that develops percutaneous mitral valve replacement system for treating mitral regurgitation. It also offers transcatheter aortic valve replacement devices in the area of interventional cardiology. The company's Lotus valve system is an effective alternative device for treating people with aortic stenosis.
In 2015, the company entered into an agreement to acquire Twelve, a US-based medical device company to expand its transcatheter mitral valve replacement offerings. It also offers transcatheter aortic valve replacement devices in the area of structural heart treatment.

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